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GEDmatch is a free DNA comparison and analysis website for people who have tested their autosomal DNA using a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company, such as 23andMe, or have a custom file from other sources. Testers download their DNA data file from the testing company, and then upload it to GEDmatch. GEDmatch processes the file, adds it to a genealogical database, and provides applications for matching and further analysis. Because GEDmatch aggregates files from all testing companies, your potential for matches is greater.

We have over 74 custom Ancestor Projects on GEDmatch!
Ancestor Projects for every state in the USA and Canada
Mayflower, Jamestown Settlers, American Revolution, 13 American Colonies


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We have 74 custom DNA 'Ancestor Projects' on GEDmatch
all U.S. States, Canada, Mayflower, American Revolution,
Dutch Colonies, Jamestown and 13 American Colonies.

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