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Colonial Settlement

In the early 1600s, in rapid succession, the English began a colony (Jamestown) in Chesapeake Bay in 1607, the French built Quebec in 1608, and the Dutch began their interest in the region that became present-day New York. Within another generation, the Plymouth Company (1620), the Massachusetts Bay Company (1629), the Company of New France (1627), and the Dutch West India Company (1621) began to send thousands of colonists, including families, to North America. Successful colonization was not inevitable. Rather, interest in North America was a halting, yet global, contest among European powers to exploit these lands.

We have 74 custom Ancestor Projects on GEDmatch!
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Mayflower, Jamestown Settlers, American Revolution, 13 American Colonies


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We have 74 Ancestor Projects on GEDmatch
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